Radial 1000 (Non-Thermal)

Our Radial 1000 aluminium window system is non-thermally broken. This system can be manufactured into various shapes and sizes including curved-on-plan. Our aluminium windows can be either fixed, opening or top hung opening and are made bespoke to your required sizes and specification.


  • Our Radial 1000 sections are non-thermally broken
  • Manufactured from aluminium alloy 6063 extrusions with a minimum wall thickness of 2.5mm
  • Circular and shaped window frames are internally beaded for security purposes
  • Sections are polyester finished to any standard RAL colour
  • Windows are double neoprene sealed
  • Double glazed units are sealed into the window frames using Hodsons Sealant Pre-shimmed mastic tape to the outside and a 4.6mm Reddicord Glazing Wedge to the inside
  • Glazing is positioned with setting blocks and spacers and then sealed in position using standard EPDM rubber glazing gaskets, wedges or silicon sealents
  • All fittings are silver finish as standard but colours are available if required (at an extra cost)
  • Standard fittings for opening windows include an adjustable friction hinge with a built in 15 degree restrictor stay and reverse catch
  • All double glazed units are drained to the outside
  • All joints are TIG welded and dressed flush for strength and aesthetics


Our Radial 1000 system is a strong, high performance system, which attained the following standard exposure performance:

* 2300 Pa when upgraded.

Section Details

We use extruded 6063 aluminium alloy sections heat treated to T4 temper, which comply with the BS1474 standard.