Aluminium Louvres

Aluminium louvres provide ventilation along with weather protection and visual screening. We manufacture both flat and curved-on-plan aluminium louvres to your exact requirements using our custom louvre system.

Close up of black curved on plan aluminium louvre
Large curved on plan aluminium louvre in grey paint
Close up of circular aluminium louvre in grey


Our aluminium louvres are available in a range of shapes. See our Shaped Aluminium Windows page for the range of shapes available or contact us for more details.


  • Sections are polyester finished to any standard RAL colour.
  • All joints are TIG welded and dressed flush for strength.
  • Our louvre profiles are heavy duty extruded aluminium alloy sections complying with BS1474. They are made with 6063 Alloy, suitably heat treated to a T4 temper.
  • Fitted with bird or insect mesh if required.

Contact us for further details.


  • Our aluminium louvres are accurately formed, fabricated and machined to exacting tolerances.
  • The main joints on our shaped louvres are TIG welded and dressed flush for strength by our coded TIG welders.  This provides high quality joints that are sustainable in all weather conditions and maintain a good appearance that lasts.
  • All our lourve fittings are secured using stainless steel screws.


Please see our Window Maintenance page for details or contact us.

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